Installing A New Anchor Rope Storage

A quick look at how Jon Bloor fitted his new Anchor Rope Storage…

This is the original set-up, a sturdy plastic box lashed in below the foredeck.

It works OK, but it takes up loads of room and gets in the way when stepping and lowering the mast. It also prevents access under the foredeck and to the drain plug for the foreward buoyancy tanks. The top of the box latches shut in case of a capsize!

The bitter end comes back out of the box and is tied around the foredeck moulding. You can also see my dedicated capsize recovery throwbags attached to the starboard shroud.

The mesh bucket / bag has a drawstring neck to keep the rope safely inside and has steel hoops which keep it open to make it easy to stow the rope and chain. The boat clip on the bag is the perfect size to clip through a link of chain (my worry otherwise being that the weight of the chain will pull all the rope out in the event of a capsize).

The bag itself is from West Marine – not that expensive, but I had to order it from the USA which was annoying as I couldn’t find a UK stockist.

It seems well made and is constructed of mesh so that the water will drain away and the rope will dry (another problem with my old box). It would obviously stow a lot more rope than I use (30m of 10mm and 5m of chain).

Deploying the anchor simply involves undoing the chain hook and opening the drawstring on the bag. The neck is nice and wide which makes re-stowing it very simple.

The drawstring originally just tied closed, but I have added a cord-lock which cost about 20p to make it easier one handed.

The anchor is shock corded through the hole in the CB case.

My next job is to make and glass in a chock on the right hand side and a retaining arrangement on the CB case end, but the current arrangement works and has been capsize tested.

The anchor is actually a Guardian alloy one so it is lighter than it looks and doesn’t damage the gel coat.